Operational Efficiency Optimisation for a Logistics Company

Driving Operational Efficiency for a Logistics Company's Vehicles Repair and Servicing

Perceptive Consulting partnered with a well-established logistics company to optimize their operational processes for their vehicle repairs and servicing department. By leveraging data analytics advisory and solutioning services, the Equipment Management Department was equipped with operational dashboards to track fleet repair, servicing and maintenance costs to facilitate data-driven decision-making and enhance servicing efficiency.

Problem Statement

Inefficient operational processes with reliance on manual reporting and insufficient data

The logistics company, despite its rich industry experience, encountered inefficiencies in manual operational processes, including frequent missed vehicle servicing leading to higher ad-hoc repair costs and expenditure. The lack of consistent data collected on fault types and servicing details made it challenging to identify the root causes of high costs. Addressing these challenges was crucial to drive productivity and reduce expenses.


Streamlined operational workflow processes with integrated reporting capabilities

Perceptive Consulting, through our Data Analytics Advisory & Solutions offering, collaborated with the Equipment Management team to deliver a structured approach to digitize and streamline the logistics company’s servicing and repairs workflow processes. A data analytics-driven solution was implemented to track and report critical data points, providing valuable insights into the contributing factors behind high repair costs. By integrating data from various sources, the solution facilitated a comprehensive overview of operational inefficiencies and identified opportunities for improvement.


The data analytics solution implemented had a transformative impact on the logistics company’s operations. It enhanced data quality and accountability, facilitating collaboration across departments to address vehicle servicing and repairs needs. By rectifying missed vehicle servicing and common fault types, the company optimized repair schedules, reduced ad-hoc repair costs, and achieved significant cost savings. The strategic approach led to a streamlined repair process and further improved operational efficiency.

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