Business Intelligence Equipping for a Hotel

Enabling Hotel Revenue Team with Data Analytics Training

Perceptive Consulting delivered an extensive training program tailored for a relatively new revenue team in the hospitality industry, addressing their challenges arising from limited experience in data analytics and visualization tools. The objective was to empower the team with essential skills in data analytics, enabling them to construct insightful reports and create revenue dashboards for various business aspects.

Problem Statement

Inexperienced employees with limited background in data analytics

The hotel’s revenue team faced significant challenges in utilizing business intelligence tools and visualizations to extract valuable insights. With limited to no prior experience in data analytics, the team struggled to harness the potential of data-driven decision-making. They faced challenges in integrating complex data from multiple sources and generating meaningful reports, which hindered the organisation’s ability to make informed decisions and identify revenue growth opportunities.


Customized Data Analytics Training for Hotel's Revenue Team

Perceptive Consulting, through our Data Analytics Training & Enablement offering, customized a Data Analytics Training program for the hotel’s revenue team to address their challenges. The training commenced with foundational data analytics concepts, progressing to hands-on sessions with data analytics and visualisation tools. The curriculum catered to varying experience levels, creating an inclusive and enriching learning environment. Essential topics such as data transformation, visualization, and deriving meaningful insights were covered, and participants engaged in real-life case studies and practical exercises to apply their newfound skills in a hands-on manner.


The Data Analytics Training brought about a transformative change within the hotel’s revenue team, equipping them with crucial data analytics skills and newfound confidence. They effectively utilized data analytics tools to create meaningful reports and developed three revenue dashboards, each catering to specific business aspects. These dashboards provided valuable insights into revenue trends, guest preferences, and demand forecasting, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive revenue optimization. The training also instilled a data-driven culture, promoting collaboration and paving the way towards sustained growth and success in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

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